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Auditions are May 3 & 5  (come once)!  However, there are other elements to prepare for:

1)      SIGN UP!  Everyone must sign up for a 45-minute time slot on our Sign Up Genius link! Each night will run from 7 pm to 9 pm

2)      VOCAL AUDITIONS: We will be holding our vocal auditions in person. Please come prepared with a comedic musical theatre song. Our music director has specifically asked for NO POP SONGS. Your selection should be no longer than one minute. If you have any questions, please reach out to Christine Chiasson at

3)      DANCE AUDITIONS:  There are two dance audition clips posted. Please use them and learn them prior to auditions.  There will not be time to teach them during your time slot. Everyone should learn the dance call. Those who wish to be considered for the tap section, should learn that as well. A dance tutorial day will also be offered, date to be determined, more info to come! If you cannot find the clips, please contact and we will send them along!

4)      COLD READINGS: These will also be held at the Franklin Opera House on the night of auditions.

5)      AUDITION FORMS:  All audition information is due by May 3rd. Please make sure to reserve your time slot for auditions by following the Signup Genius Link at the end of this form. Those unable to attend in person should include videos of their dance and vocal portion following the parameters below, either attached to this form or email directly.

6)      Again, feel free to direct questions to Director, Jule Finley!  Can't wait for this amazingly upbeat, hysterical musical!!

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