Auditions are May 25 or 27 (come once) and in person only!  However, there are other elements to prepare for:

1)      SIGN UP!  Everyone must sign up for a 45 minute time slot on our Sign Up Genius link coming May 1! Each night will run from 7pm to 9:45pm

2)      VOCAL AUDITIONS MUST be submitted virtually ahead of time!  All vocal auditions must be 30- 60 seconds and be a POP 70's song!!  Vocal auditions are sent to: BY MAY 21!  Questions can also be emailed to Christine at that email.

3)      DANCE AUDITIONS:  we will be posting a brief generic dance audition that everyone should learn PRIOR to showing up on the 25th or 27th!  We are not teaching the dance at the time slot.  There will be a tap OPTION for those interested!  Please learn ahead and be prepared to dance during your half hour!

4)      COLD READINGS:  will be provided and a part of the half hour audition time slot that you will have. 

5)      AUDITION FORMS:  will be posted as of May 1 and be available to fill out as a Google Form or print a PDF version.  Please fill out and submit prior to May 25.  You can email audition forms to

6)      SCHEDULES and other information will all be posted and available on May 1!  There is also a "How a Show is Cast" section that we ask everyone to sign off on as part of your audition form.  That will be posted with everything else as of May 1!!

7)      Again, feel free to direct questions to Director, Jule Finley!  Can't wait for this amazingly upbeat, hysterical musical!!

As promised, here is the beginning of the audition journey for Disaster!!!


* The link to the Disaster audition form:

* The schedule for Disaster:

* Click this link to be taken to our SignUp Genius portal and select your audition time slot:

* The casting document we'd like everyone to acknowledge they read on their audition form:

* Links to the choreography folks will be learning at auditions. "You Can't Stop the Beat" for the general dance section, and "My Shot" for the tap section. Prepare ahead and use these tutorials for choreography!!  Do NOT stress if you can't get every step- just do the very best you can and have fun!!!!  Even if you forget it or can't learn it on your own, just come ready to bounce around and have some fun!!!!!:


If you have any questions, or issues accessing the documentation, please let us know.


Thank you, and we hope to see you there!!

Cast of Characters



● Ted Schneider: A professor and "disaster expert" who tries to warn the others of the impending doom.

● Tony Delvecchio: The deceitful owner of the casino.

● Chad Rubik: A flirtatious caterer at the casino who was previously engaged to Marianne.

● Scott: Friend of Chad's and also a caterer at the casino.

● Marianne Wilson: Reporter and ex-fiancée of Chad. She left him to pursue her career.

● Jackie Noelle: Lounge singer and mother. She is hoping that Tony will propose.

● Ben & Lisa: Jackie's twins. Played by one male actor.

● Levora Verona: A washed up singer hoping to hit it big in the casino.

● Sister Mary Downey: A nun with a gambling addiction.

● Maury Winters: The devoted husband of Shirley.

● Shirley Winters: The wife of Maury

● Wealthy Husband: a tourist on the ship

● Wealthy Wife: a tourist on the ship

● Chef



● Jake the Security Guard

● Young Woman # 1

● Young Woman # 2

● Traci- a pretty waitress

● Woman with a cigarette

● Victim # 1

● Victim # 2

● Victim # 3

● Victim # 4

● Sexy Girl

● Passenger # 1

● Passenger # 2

● Husband

● Wife

● Woman Who Screams

● Workman # 2

● Taxi Driver

● Blinded Woman

● Other people on the casino boat (guests and employees)