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ELF Auditions!

A huge congratulations to our cast for Elf the Musical! We cannot wait to get started and then bring this magical holiday favorite to life in front of a live audience to kick off this year’s season! If you are accepting your role, we will see you at our Read Through on Sunday at 7 pm! All paperwork and scripts will be passed out at that time. If you are accepting but cannot make Sunday, please reach out to Jule Finley 

( and let her know ahead of time! If you cannot accept your role, please also reach out and let her know that. Please note that many of you have multiple roles- so check the entire list! 

Unfortunately, due to covid and trying to minimize as much as we can, we were not able to accept everyone who auditioned. We are truly disappointed in that as our original plan was for a large, packed stage. Please feel free to join our tech team on the weekends or come help usher, and stay tuned for other upcoming Footlight shows when hopefully covid is not such a bother and we can take everyone once again!! 

Our first rehearsal is SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 at 6 pm! See everyone then! Bring masks please! 

Santa: Vince Ribas 

Mrs. Claus: Sue Bitetto 

Buddy the Elf: Michael Smyth 

Charlie: Cody Virgin 

Elf 1: Chris Gray Romano 

Elf 2: Molly Brown 

Elf 3: Trevor Lewis 

Boy Elf: Asher Clark 

Tiara: Shannon Clark 

Man Hailing a Cab: Nick Gammel 

Flyer Guy: Prezley Adair 

Passerby Sneezing: Allison Cross 

Souvlaki Cart Man: Roy Hubble Sr. 

Teenager: Ellie Zink 

Deb: Madison Smith 

Sam: Trevor Lewis 

Walter Hobbs: John Masse 

Emily Hobbs: Wendy deSousa 

Michael Hobbs: Saige Granger 

Security Guard 1: Robbie LaFlamme

Security Guard 2: Chris Gray Romano 

Saleswoman: Allison Cross 

Customer 1: Jennifer Daniel 

Customer 2: Lillian Machos 

Macy’s Manager: Asher Clark 

Sales Clerk: Elizabeth Beveridge 

Jovie: Adriana Williams 

Store Elf 1: Laurie Webster 

Store Elf 2: Trevor Lewis 

Macy’s Fake Santa: Chris Gray Romano 

Mother: Kim Daniel 

Boy: Noah Roper 

Policeman 1: Trevor Lewis 

Policeman 2: Cody Virgin 

Doorman: Roy Hubble Sr. 

Jim: Nick Gammel 

Sara: Sue Bitetto 

Mr. Greenway: David Bedard 

Salvation Army Lady: Kim Daniel 

Chadwick: Prezley Adair 

Charlotte: Kristi Trudel 

Emma Van Brocklin: Laurie Webster 

Matthews: Jonathan Daniel 

Restaurant Manager: Prezley Adair 

Waitress: Addison Granger 

Fake Santas: Asher Clark (1), Derek deSousa (2), Jonathan Daniel (3), Trevor Lewis (4), Sue Bitetto (5), Vince Ribas, David Bedard, Chris Gray Romano, Roy Hubble Sr., Nick Gammel, Cody Virgin


Macy’s Store Elves: Sue Bitetto, Laryssa Humphrey, Elizabeth Beveridge, Madison Smith, Addison Granger, Molly Brown, Prezley Adair, Jennifer Daniel, David Bedard


North Pole Elves: Elizabeth Beveridge, Madison Smith, Addison Granger, Prezley Adair, Jennifer Daniel

Hobbs Employees: Meghan Gammel, Shannon Clark, Elizabeth Beveridge, Laurie Webster, Asher Clark, Chris Gray Romano


Macy’s Customers: Noah Roper, Meghan Gammel, Shannon Clark, Ellie Zink, Kristi Trudel 

Macy’s Children: Lily Cheatham, Grace Bruckshaw, Mackenna Trudel, Quinn Roper, Cecelia Ewers, Kylan Fissette-Snow

NYC Crowds: Noah Roper, Meghan Gammel, Laryssa Humphrey, Shannon Clark, Roy Hubble Sr., Lily Cheatham, Elizabeth Beveridge, Laurie Webster, Molly Brown, Prezley Adair, Trevor Lewis, Jennifer Daniel, Kim Daniel, Nick Gammel, Mackenna Trudel, Quinn Roper, Ellie Zink, 

Cecelia Ewers, Kristi Trudel, Chris Gray Romano, Kylan Fissette-Snow, Lillian Machos

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