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Little Women Cast List

       Thank you to everyone who came out and auditioned for our spring production! These decisions are never easy, but we’re excited to embark on telling this lovely literary classic!!! Please read the list carefully, as some actors are playing multiple roles. If you are unable to accept your role(s), please reach out to Rob LaFlamme ASAP. A reminder that our first rehearsal is Sunday, January 9th at 7pm!

Young Jo - Kathryne Watkins

Young Beth - Olivia Sylvester

Young Amy - Mackenna Trudel

Young Meg - Briahna LaFlamme

Marmee (Mrs. March) – Sue Bitetto

Mrs. Gardiner - Lillian Machos

Boy Guest - Hunter LaFlamme

Servant - Meghan Gammel

Jenny Snow - Ellie Zink

John Brooke - Prezley Adair

Mr. March - David Bedard

Older Meg - Jenn Daniel

Older Jo - Shannon Clark

Older Beth - Sara Bresslin

Older Amy - Drey Saucier

Lotty - Meghan Gammel

Professor Bhaer - Cody Virgin

Hannah – Kristi Trudel

Sally - Laryssa Humphery

Young Laurie - Nick Gammel

Older Laurie - Joshua Fiore

Mr. Laurence (Laurie’s Grandfather) – TBD

Mr. Davis - Robbie LaFlamme

Aunt March - Beverly Swain

Lad - Nick Gammel

Mr. Scott - Robbie LaFlamme

Mr. Dashwood - John Masse

Schoolgirls - Quinn Roper

Ball Attendees - Kayley Sargent, Angel Evans, Drey Saucier, Laurie Webster, Sara Bresslin, Shannon Clark, Jenn Daniel, Cody Virgin, John Masse, Joshua Fiore

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