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BERTOLT BRECHT, A Short Organum for the Theatre

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Thank you to all who auditioned for Disaster!!! It was great to see so many new and familiar faces back in our space again! We’re excited to begin work on what is sure to be an incredible summer!! A reminder our first rehearsal/read through is this TUESDAY, JUNE 1st at 7pm at the Opera House. There will be a full breakdown of who is in what musical numbers at that time! If you would like to receive a script prior to Tuesday, please contact Jule Finley directly.


Ted Schneider: John Masse

Tony Delvecchio: David Bedard

Chad Rubik: Derek deSousa

Marianne Wilson: Ashley Hanson

Jackie Noelle: Kaylah Barton

Ben & Lisa: Saige Granger

Levora Verona: Megan Sorette

Sister Mary Downey: Sydney Moquin

Maury Winters: Vince Ribas

Shirley Winters: Wendy deSousa

Scott:  Chris Gray Romano

Wealthy Husband: Roy Hubble Sr.

Jake:  Jack Finley

Chef/ Victim 1:  Jonathan Daniel

Attractive Woman/ Victim:  Addison Granger

Attractive Woman/ Victim:  Cameron Moquin

Taxi Driver/ Ensemble: Nick Gammel

Wealthy Wife:  Kim Daniel

Workman # 1/ Ensemble:  Cody Virgin

Workman # 2/ Husband (OS Voice):  Robbie LaFlamme

Kitchen Employee/ Blinded Woman:  Sue Bitetto

Cotton Candy Vendor:  Chris Caughey

Young Woman #1:  Elizabeth Beveridge

Young Woman #2/ Victim:  Madison Clark

Traci/ Victim:  Drey Saucier

Smoking Woman/ Victim:  Molly Brown

Victim 2:  Stephanie McNabb

Victim 3:  RJ Soboslai

Victim 4:  Joshua Bradley

Sexy Girl/ Victim:  Madison Smith

Passenger 1/ Victim: Chandler Glover

Passenger 2/ Victim:  Olivia Sylvester

Wife:  Leslie Sanderson

Victims:  Madison Hoffman, Riley Roper,  Zoe Nagle, Olivia Mills

Ensemble:  Kaia Roper, Noah Alers- Alers

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