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BERTOLT BRECHT, A Short Organum for the Theatre

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OPEN AUDITIONS for ages 10 and up!!  There will be a few roles for youngers kids- most roles are for young adults and older adults.  Want to spend the summer sinking on a cruise ship after an earthquake, while it's on fire??  No??  Well want to join us and pretend for the summer because that is the background to this hilarious musical- written by Seth Rodesky- being performed for the FIRST time in the Lakes Region by a community theater group!!!


This is such an upbeat, energetic show full of all of your favorite 70's classics!!!  Dust of those tap shoes (we need tappers!!), brush up on a 70's ballad and get to auditions!!!!!!


Audition dates are May 25 and 27 both starting at 7 pm. Feel free to reach out to director- Jule Finley- with any questions!  This will be a memorable, wild ride you won't want to miss!!!!!!!



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